Body Cleanse is the New Detox

Health and longevity are not about green juices, fad diets and detoxing remedies. This is the new way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle, nourish your body and feel amazing!

A Book not to miss

The ultimate e-book for a healthy, nutritious start

Detox VS Cleanse

Not all diets are created equal. Cleansing means long term education and results.

High Fiber Super Salad

No laxatives. No pain. Annau2019s secret bowel-moving recipe to beat constipation.

Energy Boosters

Why not include the top energising, mouth-watering foods in your diet?

Hydrating Smoothie Recipes

Delicious, guilt-free hydrating smoothies to tackle acne and bloating.

In Just 7 Days

A day-by-day nutrition plan for the ultimate Body Cleanse Diet, in just seven days

Do Your Best, Enjoy the Rest

No-deprivation methods guaranteed. Cleanse properly and still enjoy everyday life.

The Body Cleanse Diet gives you

  • Scientific, Dietitian Approved Advice on Healthy Cleansing
  • A Seven day-by-day Nutritional Cleansing Plan
  • Recipes to Beat Bloating, Constipation and Fatigue
  • Mouth-watering Juices to Cleanse your Body Naturally

The Body Cleanse Diet Explained

Anna Cortesi, Author of the BCD describes what to expect from this Best-Seller

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What Our Readers Are Saying

This book is so special and different because you won’t be starving, plus you get a huge amount of information that you can use long after the Body Cleanse Diet.


Isabella Moris

Creative Writer

You learn how your body works and this way you can fix your relationship with food, thus create a healthier lifestyle


Julia Vakhova


Anna Cortesi is the absolute fresh spirit in the nutrition and wellness world. It has been very rewarding working with her!


Victoria Napolitano

Fashion Designer / Luxury Magazine Publisher

I have always considered detoxing as a difficult and uncomfortable process, until I came across The Body Cleanse Diet. This book is about cleansing your body without restricting yourself from certain foods – and the best thing is that the methods taught are for life. Now I have so much energy, my skin looks healthier and I feel fantastic!


Penelope Magoulianiti

Author of 'Women, Motherhood & Independence'

About the Author

Anna Cortesi, RD, MSc

Anna Cortesi is a Registered Dietitian, Clinical Nutritionist and owner of Cortesi Nutrition – a world-class wellness company which aims to improve the vitality of its clients. As an internationally recognized expert, Anna has experience in the various roles of orthomolecular nutrition and she appears regularly as a nutritional expert on local and national news. Anna has been featured in national and local media, including Time Out Dubai, Healthy Life, Vegan Cooking, Nutrition by Hopelessly Romantic Media, Sportive and many more.

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