Private Coaching

Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching Package
  • 90 Days of Intensive Private Coaching
  • Private Coaching Welcome Package
  • Continuous support (phone, email, iphone & adroid app)
  • Life-changing Meditations for Physical & Mental Balance
  • Intensive 60 Minute Coaching Sessions
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Group Coaching

12 weeks of intensive group coaching
  • Nutrition Kick Start: Step-by-steb Workbook
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Constant Guidance & Support
  • Weight Release Meditation
  • Weekly Group Calls & Chat
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Anna Cortesi - Nutritious Life

“My coaching empowers you to transform your eating habits once and for all”

Ditch the diet cycle and get the tools you need to move forward and start living life to the max. Start listening to your body, lose the shame and gain the confidence you deserve while nurturing your body and soul.

Move away from standard diets, change your life and eating habits permanently with no deprivations, eating without guilt and no more calorie counting.

With a broad academic background and passion for her job, Anna is an enthusiastic, tireless worker who always helps her clients to achieve their wellness goals. Through private coaching, she helped me find a balance in my diet and made my plant-based journey much easier. More importantly, she took away all of my negative thoughts about my weight and self-image, changing my mind-set with regard to what a healthy body should look like. Anna clearly took my health to the next level and this is something I will always be grateful for.

Unable to lose weight on my own, I stumbled across Anna’s website during my search for a professional and was so impressed by her work that I couldn’t resist contacting her. I’ve been working with her for 4 months now and I can’t describe how blissful and satisfied I feel with the changes I have notice to my body. I don’t really feel that I’m on a diet. On the contrary, I am not deprived of anything and my nutrition plan is changed so often that I never get bored of it. Undoubtedly, I have never felt healthier and more self-confident in my life, thanks to Anna, who always looks after me and is supporting me through this life-changing journey. She has been a pillar of strength and she motivates me to continue to live a healthy life. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Anna!

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna Cortesi, just a year ago, when I contacted her for advice on diet and weight loss. She truly cares about each of her clients and is committed to doing whatever it takes to help them reach their personal goals. With Anna’s private coaching program, I learned how to think more about the food I eat and to be more aware about how it reacts with my body. I do not feel limited in the way I eat and I have learned how to make the healthiest possible food choices on a daily basis. Anna is ALWAYS willing to help me with anything, ranging from simple nutrition questions to what I should eat when dining out. I am extremely happy with the results and the impact that my new eating habits have had on my life since I started working with Anna. You’re the best. Thank you for everything!

My time spent with Anna was totally worthwhile. My goals were to avoid food cravings, lose some weight and also improve my overall mood. Anna made it clear that these 3 goals were linked and explained why I had failed to reach these goals in the past. Anna is very inspiring in her approach and has a wide depth of knowledge, helping me to achieve what I had started out to, by making small, healthy changes to my diet and lifestyle. Highly recommended.