Wine: How It Benefits Your Health

By December 24, 2019 Uncategorized

What would this Festive season be without the pleasant dream dinners surrounded by your loved ones in the warmth of your home?

Ah, these festive gatherings! With incredible yummy dishes, your favorite meat selection accompanied by potatoes dipped in oil, all those pasta dishes and christmas desserts that always draw you to a womderful tasty parade.

A few people choose to accompany there  meal with a couple of glasses of good wine, which enhances the taste of certain dishes and at the same time gives them a sense of pleasure that stops the need to consume more food and sweets, or exactly the opposite.

Wine has an abundance of phenolic acids and polyphenols that gives extra benefits to our health such as its antioxidant properties. So, in addition to the flavor it brings to the festive dishes, you’ll also get the health benefits of preventing the slow-growing diseases.

Research has shown that the molecules present in grapes and wine alter cellular metabolism mechanisms. At the same time, it has been mechanically proven that wine contributes to the reduction of the appearance of arterial disease and more recently to the appearance of cancer.

But remember that everything in moderation can help you keep your waistline in control this Christmas! The recommended daily amount of wine is 1-2 glasses a day, to enjoy not only its benefits, but also enjoy the pleasure it gives you.

Best of Health,