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The 6 most natural healthy snacks

By October 26, 2018 Uncategorized
The 6 most natural healthy snacks

Desserts can be huge temptation for many people, especially to those who cannot fight the urge to eat chocolate cake or they would just easily faint in front of their favorite dessert! However, we should also know that desserts contain large quantities of sugar and load up our body with un-needed calories, without offering any vital nutrients at the same time.

Looking at the bright side, it is possible to replace these old habits with new ones, which will be, of course, healthier. We can fulfil our need for something sweet without stuffing our stomach with sugars, bad type of fats and zero nutrients. Below, you can find some healthy choices that will help you avoid unhealthy desserts and replace them with healthier versions. If you try these you will see how incredibly tasty and sweet they can actually be.

  • Dried Fruits: keep some dried fruits in your bag. They may seem like they are completely tasteless, but once you try them out you will realize how tasty and sweet they actually are. Try out some dried apricots or some dried plums. Make sure you are buying dried fruits that haven’t been added with some extra sugar.
  • Energy Bars: energy bars can help you fight your need for something sweet. Choose an energy bar with oatmeal, fruits, nuts or even chocolate. There are endless combination in order to fulfil your every need.
  • Dark chocolate: assuming you will choose a chocolate with at least 70% cacao, dark chocolate is perfect for every person with sweet cravings. Due to the variety of antioxidants that it contains, it is very healthy for your system and it keeps you away from other, unhealthy chocolate bars.
  • Yogurt with honey: if you want to make your yogurt extra sweet, you can replace sugar with honey. If you want, you can always add some walnuts or flaxseed for a healthy power boost. Finally, you can experiment with a little stevia and cinnamon and some other ideas that can boost the taste of your healthy snack.
  • Peanut butter & almond butter: even though peanut butter & almond butter are not low on calories, their nutritional value is incredible. For this reason, you can have some in order to fulfill your urge for something sweet. You can put any of the two in the oven for a couple of minutes and add some cacao. It is incredibly tasty!
  • Fried fruits: since it is quite boring for you to eat the same things over and over again, a good idea is to bake your fruits. You can put them in the grill. Fruits such as apples or peaches, pears and bananas. If you want to boost their flavor you can add some honey.

Every person has at some point cravings for something that is not supposed to eat. Desserts can be very tasty this is why we crave for them. Now you can enjoy tasty treats, without having to worry about your figure and your health. You can achieve your goals by being creative and in a good mood.

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