The best pre-workout and post-workout foods

The best pre-workout and post-workout foods

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Anna Cortesi
Dietitian – Nutritionist

While we all know that exercise is beneficial to our body, only a few know what we should eat before and after our exercise.  Although each human body is different, there are some secrets that will help you perform better during your everyday training. At the same time, they will make your springboard towards a healthy diet that will give you energy and all the nutrients that your body longs for. Read More

Busy But Healthy: Dr.Annita Antoniadou: “Healthy people are those that have found balance in life”

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1 .Name/Surname: Dr Annita Antoniadou

2. You are a successful Lecturer and Archaeologist. How did you decide to work in archaeology?
Archaeology is one of those fields where you need to study hard and work harder. I teach archaeology and I make archaeology, since at the same time I spend a majority of my time outdoors, Read More