Boost your sex drive with these 5 super foods

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If you are feeling too tired, sleepy or not in the mood for intimacy latey, try one of the following super foods and boost up your sex drive instantly. For this, you may not have to run all the way to the nearest grocery store. These simple, handy foods can be found at home. So just sneak in for any one of these super foods from your kitchen and let yourself set in the mood again.. naturally! Read More

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Quick & Healthy Vegan Snacks for the Busy

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If you are a vegan then you know that snaking can be a big challenge. The chances of being able to stop at a convenient store to power up are very slim since most snack foods contain some type of dairy product or eggs. Yes, even things like veggies and dip like you buy in snack sized cups and granola bars have egg or milk in them. What in the world does a vegan do? The answer is to make snacks at home. Good vegan snacks aren’t hard to make or find as you may think. Here are some quick and easy vegan snacks that you can quickly prepare.

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Hypertension et al

Hypertension et al

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Taking care of your body is as important as following a healthy diet. This is because if you do not take care about your body and health you are more likely going to end up stuck in bed or worse confined to a hospital ward. Many people argue that if they are not experiencing any pain or infection it means that their bodies are perfectly all right.  Read More

Pre-Winter Detox: Yellow split pea soup with a color twist!

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Do we actually need any reason to detox this fall? I don’t. But just for those who’re unsure, well, cleaner skin, flat belly, energy boost and non-crappy stomach feelings, just to name a few. Not convinced yet?

Then you should definitely try my new yellow split pea soup with beetroot and curcumin. This is the ultimate time of the year to push the reset button and give your body a break – just before Christmas! (yeah, you’re gonna need this after Christmas as well) Read More

Eating disorders: Helping the victims

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A distorted image of the body is seemingly common with individuals suffering anorexia, which means, they tend to see a huge person in the mirror instead of an ideal body. This usually occurs out of various cognitive distortions suffered. It can also be a cause of BDD or Body Dysmorphic Disorders, in which the mind cannot or is incapable of seeing and understanding things right. Anorexia has a lot to do with eating disorders. 2 types of eating disorders are namely: 1) Anorexia Nervosa 2) Bulimia Nervosa.

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