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The question of whether we actually need to take supplements is one wrought with controversy. Some experts say yes while others say no. However, the answer that appears to make most sense is no, we do not need supplements. Keep reading to find out why.

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If you were to ask everything you need to be healthy is found in your regular diet plan. However, if you asked supplement representatives you would get an entirely different story. Their argument is that food today does not have enough of what we need and thus we need supplements. The difference between nutritionists and supplement reps is that the supplement reps have something to gain by convincing you that they are right. Dietitians and Nutritionists don’t. A hundred years ago, people would have laughed at the thought of taking pills to supplement their already good diet. I personally hate it when people ask me to tell them the best multivitamin out there, just because they “think” that they might lack of something. Okay, I understand the fact that the modern environment we live in is so much different than it used to be.

Due to the modern advances that we so enjoy, the following things have changed over the years:

  • Soil quality and diversity has declined
  • There has been a decrease in plant species diversity (but still – no lack of nutrients from other species)
  • Increased pollution and toxins passing into our food (okay, some lack of nutrients there)

Other things that have created the need for supplements include:

  • Lack of sun (many people stay indoors too much)
  • An increase in the amount of time we spend sitting still
  • Too much use of birth control and antibiotics
  • Chronic symptoms of stress and other chronic illnesses

All of these things have an effect on the nutrition of the food we eat, but again, is it really necessary to take supplements? My answer is NO. Of course not.

Several studies have been done that show that we do not need vitamins or supplements. Not only do we not need them, in some instances they can harm us. A study done by Annals of Internal Medicine tells us that not only do supplements not help us stay healthier, they can actually cause the diseases that they claim to ward off. Another study done at the University of Minnesota showed that women who used supplements daily, died earlier than those who did not. The Cleveland Clinic showed us that men who took the supplement Vitamin E had an increase in growth of prostate cancer cells.

The bottom line is that if we stick to a proper diet of food, especially organic food, we will get all the nutrition we need to stay healthy and active. The only reason that supplements would be necessary is if you do not take care of yourself by eating a balanced diet. So, instead of adding supplements to your daily routine, change the way you eat if you think you might be deficient in something. A balanced diet is all you need to get the vitamins and minerals that keep your body going strong.

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