Is Detoxification Necessary or Our Body Does All the Essential Work?

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There are people who claim that our body is able to detoxify itself adequately, without requiring any additional effort. As a consequence, any attempt related to detoxifying our body is not needed and should not be adopted as a lifestyle. If our body does all the work for us no matter what we do, why should we engage in detoxification fasts and special diets? Is this true? Is our body capable of providing all the defensive patterns that lead to detoxification? Read More

Is stress to blame that I can’t lose weight?

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Is stress to blame that I can’t lose weight?

You are careful with your diet, you exercise often, you do not succumb to dietary temptations and yet your weight increases? You may find it strange at first, but stress is an extremely important factor in weight regulation. Therefore you should wonder whether this period of weight gain is associated with increased levels of stress in your life. With this information, you can combat stress quickly and effectively. You have an extra incentive to do so, and that’s your very own silhouette! Read More

What can we eat that is healthy while watching football?

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What can we eat that is healthy while watching football?

Exciting football matches and all sorts of global events for sports fans are available all year long. Especially in the summer, tournaments and sporting thrills take the lion’s share of our entertainment. What’s better than watching your favorite team or supporting the athletes of your country with good company? A danger that lies under such situations, is dietary exaggeration. Our culture has created certain stereotypes regarding the consumption of certain foods during a match. Read More

Pre-Winter Detox: Yellow split pea soup with a color twist!

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Do we actually need any reason to detox this fall? I don’t. But just for those who’re unsure, well, cleaner skin, flat belly, energy boost and non-crappy stomach feelings, just to name a few. Not convinced yet?

Then you should definitely try my new yellow split pea soup with beetroot and curcumin. This is the ultimate time of the year to push the reset button and give your body a break – just before Christmas! (yeah, you’re gonna need this after Christmas as well) Read More

Eating disorders: Helping the victims

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A distorted image of the body is seemingly common with individuals suffering anorexia, which means, they tend to see a huge person in the mirror instead of an ideal body. This usually occurs out of various cognitive distortions suffered. It can also be a cause of BDD or Body Dysmorphic Disorders, in which the mind cannot or is incapable of seeing and understanding things right. Anorexia has a lot to do with eating disorders. 2 types of eating disorders are namely: 1) Anorexia Nervosa 2) Bulimia Nervosa.

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