Foods that enhance brain function

Foods that enhance brain function

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If you are struggling with your memory on a daily basis, in order to remember things that you should have known, then you may need to change your diet. The truth is that your brain needs food, just like the rest of your body. Therefore, you don’t have to panic over these slight memory loses that you experience. On the contrary, you can relax and add some extra foods on your daily nutrition. Most likely you will start to feel the difference in just a few days. Read More

The best pre-workout and post-workout foods

The best pre-workout and post-workout foods

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Anna Cortesi
Dietitian – Nutritionist

While we all know that exercise is beneficial to our body, only a few know what we should eat before and after our exercise.  Although each human body is different, there are some secrets that will help you perform better during your everyday training. At the same time, they will make your springboard towards a healthy diet that will give you energy and all the nutrients that your body longs for. Read More

Busy But Healthy: Dr.Annita Antoniadou: “Healthy people are those that have found balance in life”

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1 .Name/Surname: Dr Annita Antoniadou

2. You are a successful Lecturer and Archaeologist. How did you decide to work in archaeology?
Archaeology is one of those fields where you need to study hard and work harder. I teach archaeology and I make archaeology, since at the same time I spend a majority of my time outdoors, Read More

How to Lose Weight After the Summer Holidays

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One of the hardest times of the year is without a doubt the time right after the holidays. As you are having fun with your loved ones, you do not care about food options and it is only fair that your healthy eating patterns are ignored, if not forgotten. However, when we get back from the idyllic retreat we have enjoyed during our vacation, what do we do? Of course it is not very easy to get back on track. So how is someone supposed to get started? Read More

Protein: Is it possible to get it only out of plants?

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Traditionally, meat is considered the top food option when it comes to protein intake. However, animal food is not the only way to get such nutrients. There are plant based food options, such as beans and whole wheat cereal, fruit, nuts and seeds that offer plant protein and come with numerous benefits. Read More