Is Detoxification Necessary or Our Body Does All the Essential Work?

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There are people who claim that our body is able to detoxify itself adequately, without requiring any additional effort. As a consequence, any attempt related to detoxifying our body is not needed and should not be adopted as a lifestyle. If our body does all the work for us no matter what we do, why should we engage in detoxification fasts and special diets? Is this true? Is our body capable of providing all the defensive patterns that lead to detoxification? Read More

Emo Eating? No more!

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The term Emotional eating may sound new to you but it is in fact something that you have gone through your life at some point or the other. When instead of your body, your emotions and feelings start dictating what to eat and how much to eat, you are caught in the phase called emotional eating. It is a common problem seen in most men and women across the world and it accounts for about 75% of overeating. Read More

Unraveling the Tangle of Gluten

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Gluten is a set of proteins that are found in wheat, barley and rye. Lately, the products that do not contain gluten are becoming more popular, and it is widely believed that they are healthier for our diet. In the market you can find flour and pasta, dry pastries and meats that do not contain this protein complex. However, is it beneficial for each one of us to avoid gluten? Read More

You haven’t lost the desired amount of weight? Don’t be discouraged

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Sometimes it is common to be affected by various disappointments that we experience in our lives. Those are the moments that we are more vulnerable than ever and usually succumb to negativity. However, when we are on a diet, it is too often that negative thoughts may significantly affect our commitment to our diet. If we realize that we did not lose any weight within the past two weeks, it is common to erupt through excessive eating. Read More

Soy and Cancer. What is their correlation?

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Although there are still no extensive studies on this burning issue, the truth is that soy products may benefit our health significantly. More specifically, the food produced by soybeans contains phytoestrogens. These substances are extremely useful to our body and may help prevent breast and prostate cancer. Unlike dietary supplements that contain phytoestrogens, phytoestrogens found in foods (such as soy) have surprising effects on our body. Read More

Are Salt Substitutes Always Safe?

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Salt is undoubtedly one of the main enemies of the modern diet. Many foods contain high amounts of salt and that makes them unhealthy, especially when ingested without measure. Excessive salt concentration in our body causes several health problems and can have adverse effects on high blood pressure. This is also the main reason why many people prefer salt substitutes. There are several products on the market, but are they all safe and harmless to our health? Read More

Which Foods Boost Memory?

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Memory is affected by various factors such as age and stress, sleep quality, and the medication we take. However, our diet is another factor that plays an important role in memory and brain functions. It has been scientifically proven that certain foods can affect our memory, enhancing brain function and inhibiting its degradation. As our overall health significantly affects our memory, it is quite understandable that our diet has a similar effect. Read More

How To Improve Cholesterol Levels Through Diet

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Following the proper diet, it is certain that you can control the good and bad cholesterol levels in the blood. As a result, you will remain healthy and experience no problems with your health. There are foods that reduce cholesterol levels, while respectively there are other foods that increase cholesterol. Therefore, you should be informed about the foods to avoid and others that you must integrate in your diet. Read More

Help! How can I control my hunger?

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Help! How can I control my hunger?

Some people claim that they never get hungry during the day. This of course is possible, particularly if those people have stopped listening to their sense of hunger for their next meal. Due to habit, the sudden desire for something sweet and forbidden, the lack of interest in daily life or simply due to stress and tension, one can decide subconsciously that it’s time to eat again. But the interior feeling of hunger is the surest way to synchronize your biological clock and consume exactly the food you need. Read More