How to Make Your Own Stevia at Home

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Stevia is a healthy choice among various sweeteners available in the market today. As it derives from the leaves of the Stevia plant, it contains no unpleasant consequences for our health state. Conversely, it can be used practically anywhere and can help each of us to reduce weight in a natural way and efficiently. However, Stevia products are often accused of having been processed chemically to a huge extent. Read More

Anti-nutrients: What are they and how can they affect us?

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Several seemingly healthy food choices can cause health problems. This is why proper care must be given to the symptoms that arise after eating certain foods. Among them, we find legumes and whole grains, as much as a variety of nuts. Naturally, people who are interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle include these food options in their balanced diet plan. But what if their consumption turns into a nightmare? Read More

Anna Cortesi Myths and Truths about Coffee

Myths and Truths about Coffee

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One of the most common questions around the world is the actual nutritional value of coffee. Each morning coffee is consumed at vast quantities by people who rely on this beverage to wake up. But as the day goes by, coffee consumption continues on its upward trajectory, whether to maintain the required power levels or to accompany professional or personal appointments. Coffee is a major source of market income, boasting both fanatics and opponents. Read More

The Outstanding Properties of Turmeric

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Turmeric is an amazing spice that comes from the Far East and in recent years has conquered the cuisine of the West. Even though not all people are still familiar with the use of turmeric, over time many have been introducing it among the most common spices used in their kitchen. Apart from the intense flavour and the beautiful orange colour of turmeric, this spice is also characterized by extraordinary benefits to our health and wellness. Read More

Cooking Oils to Avoid

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Contrary to what you may know by now, cooking oils may be extremely unhealthy and some cooking oils might be misleading as to their properties. They might be considered as healthy food choices and yet they can cause serious health problems to people. Refined cooking oils seem at first glance healthy, being light in texture and with much fewer calories. However, the long-term effect of these cooking oils to people’s health is likely to be catastrophic. Read More

Green Juices vs Green Smoothies: Which One Should I Choose and Why?

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It is important to keep in mind that contemporary diet is in no way considered healthy, in terms of nutrient quantity received on an everyday basis. Even though food is now abundantly available at the supermarkets for people to access, health indicators are exceptionally concerning and highlight the negative impact of junk food and unhealthy dietary options. Rather than focusing on healthy food options such as fruit and vegetables, the vast majority of people have turned to unhealthy snacks and ingredients without any substantial nutritional value.

Read More

New Year’s Resolutions: LOSE WEIGHT

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At some point we all have thought that our choices regarding health and diet are not optimal. As a result, many decide to radically change these choices and they do it from one day to another. Usually, the upcoming New Year, or a particular day that marks the beginning of a new period is ideal for the adoption of such changes. But trying to commit to these upcoming changes, we become overzealous. The excitement of change turns into a noose slowly tightening around us so our commitment ultimately has no results. What happens? Do we have the right mindset or do we sabotage our efforts with our own behavior from the very beginning? Read More

anna-cortesi why we so-stressed

Why Are We So Stressed this Holiday Season?

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The holidays are certainly emotionally charged and this often has a negative impact on our eating habits. Emotional overeating is one of the dangers we face during the holidays. Whether we rush to complete all of our obligations before going home to celebrate with our loved ones, or if we can’t attend the festive table with the family, our anxiety paralyzes us. We seek a way out of the stress and we find it in food. Shortly after we realize what we’ve done, our anxiety has gripped us again. Can we escape from this vicious circle? Read More

How not to gain weight this Christmas

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Every Christmas we all gather around the holiday table and indulge in an unprecedented feast. Is it the homemade pies and the stuffed turkey that make us keep eating even when we are full? Are sweets, cookies and hot chocolate so irresistible that they make us forget the measure and the efforts of a whole year for a healthy diet? Read More