Protein: Is it possible to get it only out of plants?

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Traditionally, meat is considered the top food option when it comes to protein intake. However, animal food is not the only way to get such nutrients. There are plant based food options, such as beans and whole wheat cereal, fruit, nuts and seeds that offer plant protein and come with numerous benefits. Read More

Busy But Healthy: Georgia Tsaparella -“How I got my life back by changing my eating habits”

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1.What’s your story?
In recent years, from adolescence onwards I had an issue with that five pounds that were fluctuated. During my university studies, I was in an attempt to lose those pounds, but because I am fond of good food and I cannot say no to sweets, I couldn’t  managed to maintain a long term healthy diet. Read More

Busy But Healthy: Meet Sofia Lush, a super-woman who changed her life

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1.What’s your story?
As a teenager I was at normal weight, around 65 kg.  Living in the UK and not eating the healthiest I could, I started gaining weight and then I found myself being overweight at 18. Very soon I got married and when the first child came, I was already 15 kilos above my normal weight. I did not manage to lose it, I did not even try. Then my second child came and the weight gain was another 15 kilos on top. I continued not doing anything about it. I knew I was obese, I wanted to lose weight but had no support. Read More

~Healthy~ Foods That May Not Be So Healthy After All

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When we follow a healthy diet, it is difficult not to give in daily food temptations. A piece of spongy vanilla cake, a cold chocolate milkshake or a huge cheese melting hamburger can easily stand in the way of our weight loss attempts. However, since we all have tasted such delicious foods, it is very difficult to forget them and eliminate them completely from our table. Read More