How to break free from guilt and start enjoying what you eat.

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How to accept food as a source of enjoyment and pleasure:

Food is splendid and it’s ok to feel pleasure from eating or drinking it. In fact, if you start eating foods that you genuinely enjoy, you will notice that you will eat less overall because you’re not left obsessing over the food you really wanted. And again, remember that there’s no guilt in eating foods you love, as long as you are truly in the mood for it and you are not using it as a substitute for emotional comfort. Food can make you feel good in the short term and long term.

Focus on feeling wonderful:

There is a test anyone can benefit from and that is to simply ask if what you’re eating makes you feel good at the exact moment you’re eating it, two hours after or the next day. If the answer is yes to all above mentioned three options, then we say, go for it! If the answer is no to any of these, then it’s time to have an honest, understanding conversation with yourself about your relationship with that food, the reason you want it, what emotions it brings you, etc. Put the focus on feeling wonderful and find a way to make food be a part of that.

How to eat with moderation non diet foods:

Do you know that there is a fascinating study revealing that subjects had increases in hormonal hunger markers after eating a food labeled “diet”? But you probably already know from your own experience that you’d likely feel more satisfied with the real deal. The reason is that there isn’t any need for artificial sugars, fake fats, etc. in a healthy diet. You can eat with moderation non diet foods and remain healthy and with a good mood. If you’re struggling with the appropriate amounts, we suggest starting to use the above tips to embrace more intuitive eating strategies.





Foods to avoid while pregnant

Foods to avoid while pregnant

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Busy But Healthy: Dr.Annita Antoniadou: “Healthy people are those that have found balance in life”

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1 .Name/Surname: Dr Annita Antoniadou

2. You are a successful Lecturer and Archaeologist. How did you decide to work in archaeology?
Archaeology is one of those fields where you need to study hard and work harder. I teach archaeology and I make archaeology, since at the same time I spend a majority of my time outdoors, Read More