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Foods to avoid while pregnant

Foods to avoid while pregnant

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Pregnancy can be daunting, especially when it comes to diet. In the past, there have been several misconceptions as to which foods are allowed during pregnancy and which are of limits. On the bright side, nowadays things have got a lot clearer and there are only few restrictions. But these restrictions can prove serious. We have gathered a list with these foods, for you to review and act accordingly. Read More

What to eat for healthy teeth?

What to eat for healthy teeth?

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It is disheartening that most of the snacks that we wish to eat are harmful to our teeth. Although we all know what we should not eat, are beneficial snacks equally known to us? For a bright smile, there are certain snacks that will help us out and offer us great assistance. So here is a list with food options that will definitely help you maintain healthy and sparkling teeth! Read More

Busy But Healthy: Dr.Annita Antoniadou: “Healthy people are those that have found balance in life”

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1 .Name/Surname: Dr Annita Antoniadou

2. You are a successful Lecturer and Archaeologist. How did you decide to work in archaeology?
Archaeology is one of those fields where you need to study hard and work harder. I teach archaeology and I make archaeology, since at the same time I spend a majority of my time outdoors, Read More