How to break free from guilt and start enjoying what you eat.

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How to accept food as a source of enjoyment and pleasure:

Food is splendid and it’s ok to feel pleasure from eating or drinking it. In fact, if you start eating foods that you genuinely enjoy, you will notice that you will eat less overall because you’re not left obsessing over the food you really wanted. And again, remember that there’s no guilt in eating foods you love, as long as you are truly in the mood for it and you are not using it as a substitute for emotional comfort. Food can make you feel good in the short term and long term.

Focus on feeling wonderful:

There is a test anyone can benefit from and that is to simply ask if what you’re eating makes you feel good at the exact moment you’re eating it, two hours after or the next day. If the answer is yes to all above mentioned three options, then we say, go for it! If the answer is no to any of these, then it’s time to have an honest, understanding conversation with yourself about your relationship with that food, the reason you want it, what emotions it brings you, etc. Put the focus on feeling wonderful and find a way to make food be a part of that.

How to eat with moderation non diet foods:

Do you know that there is a fascinating study revealing that subjects had increases in hormonal hunger markers after eating a food labeled “diet”? But you probably already know from your own experience that you’d likely feel more satisfied with the real deal. The reason is that there isn’t any need for artificial sugars, fake fats, etc. in a healthy diet. You can eat with moderation non diet foods and remain healthy and with a good mood. If you’re struggling with the appropriate amounts, we suggest starting to use the above tips to embrace more intuitive eating strategies.





How to develop a healthier relationship with food. 

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How to develop a healthier relationship with food. 

Whether you want to accept it or not your relationship with food is permanent and long term. Having a healthy relationship with food can benefit your health and your life in ways you never knew it could. Investing in building strong foundations for this relationship to grow is your way of simply showing to yourself that you love you.

So, first things first, avoid using labels. It never helps and it creates a feeling of hostility. So, what if the term “guilt-free” food did not exist? Saying that certain foods are guilt or sin-free implies that food holds the power to make you feel guilty for eating it or that food itself can be guilty of harming your body. Well no one wants that right? But this doesn’t make any sense; not only it takes the pleasure out of eating, it also diminishes your power of having self-control and it turns many delicious foods into your demons while food is nourishing.

Now, how do you build a healthier relationship with food?  Start from banning the food-related usage of the terms good/bad. We are not referring to those cases where you simply say “Wow, I love that food. It’s really good,” or “Yuck, that milk has gone bad”, but rather when you feel that you are either good or bad for eating a certain food or when you call a food good or bad based of popular belief.

The truth is that you just need to accept foods for what they are – foods. Food itself as a word has a neutral meaning but the way you think and feel about it and the way you eat it define the relationship you are choosing to have with it. Surround yourself with your favorite foods and break the myth that food is the evil force that pulls you down.

Like love is nourishing for the heart and soul, but learning to truly love yourself is challenging, the same applies to food; although it’s nourishing for your body, learning to love it and enjoy eating it is not only challenging but really difficult.

When you like the way a food tastes, it makes you feel so good that boosts your mood and suddenly that certain food sounds like the best choice despite its fat or its calories.

On the other hand, when you don’t enjoy the taste of a food, even if you think it’s good for you, you are not in the mood to eat it and you don’t feel good eating it and then of course you are left being dissatisfied and you want to eat more.

The point is to enjoy what you are eating, without any labels, based on your own unique identity and preferences. It doesn’t matter how many celebrities eat or drink a certain food, if you don’t like it you will simply not enjoy it.

So go for your own choice and start enjoying your freedom of choosing what suits your taste and as a result your relationship with food will become healthier.

How to live a little more by exploring your creativity in the kitchen!

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How to live a little more by exploring your creativity in the kitchen!

Test your creativity in the kitchen and you will be amazed by the wonders your hands can make. So, tap into your kitchen and get in touch with the artistic side of yourself.

Alternatively, you may connect with your inner mathematician and start measuring carefully ingredients and their fusion in order to craft something spectacular in taste.

Or you can get into the role of the luminous scientist and work on original food science recipes by famous specialists. Mmm, just imagine the taste of what you can craft. You think it, you make it.

You can even just lovingly slice up some cucumber, toss some dry crashed mint leaves and pour on some olive oil in a pretty dish with Greek yogurt, and serve yourself a delicious tzatziki tray. Firing up the oven won’t be necessary.

To make miracles happen in your kitchen you don’t need to be Jamie Oliver (but hey, we wouldn’t mind if he wants to join in). The reality is that anyone, including you, can have fun using their kitchen to prepare what their heart desires. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to put all your care in making something for yourself.

Kitchen creations will help you enjoy the experience of preparing and eating your own meals and snacks. The point is to want to nourish your body and soul by having a loving and positive relationship with food. Trust us, the result will add some sparkle on your everyday life and you will feel more alive than ever!



The truth about aspartame

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Foods to avoid while pregnant

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How to Learn to Love Yourself

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