How your Diet Affects Migraines

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Migraine headaches are a common neurological disorder, and studies show that their prevalence has increased in the last twenty years. The cause of the increase in prevalence is not known. The stress of a more hectic and competitive life-style is postulated as a factor, but changes in dietary habits may be equally responsible. The dietary factors known to activate the headache mechanism are called “migraine triggers.”

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Which Foods will Give you a Glowing Skin

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You’ve read countless tips for glowing skin in magazines, blogs and brochures. You’ve dabbed toothpaste on zits, tried cleansing pads that stung, spent a fortune on wrinkle creams, used miracle oil made from special pearls, exfoliated until you were raw, buffed massaged, and polished your cheeks, and have done embarrassing face exercises, all in the name of a younger, firmer, clearer face.

Irony is that all of us generally overlook the easiest, safest, most effective and cheapest forms of treatment which is consuming healthy foods. Healthy foods nourish your body from the inside; in order to help your skin glow on the outside. The right combinations of fruits, vegetables and vitamin rich foods can protect your skin from the damages of not just aging but also the environment. Of course, genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors play a pivotal role but diet intake is the key for healthy skin.

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How to Overcome Emotional Eating

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The term Emotional eating may sound new to some of you but it is in fact a condition that many people suffer from. Emotional eating is a state where your emotions and feelings start dictating your body distorting what to eat and how much to eat. Emotional eaters tend to crave high-calorie foods which are often referred to as “comfort foods” like chocolates, chips, cookies, ice cream, pizza, burgers and fries. It is a common problem seen in most men and women across the world and it accounts for about 75% of overeating. Emotional eaters eat food when they are depressed, stressed, sad, bored or frustrated. At most times, emotional eaters are unaware of the fact that they are eating for a way to escape or combat negative feelings. Read More

How to break free from guilt and start enjoying what you eat.

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How to accept food as a source of enjoyment and pleasure:

Food is splendid and it’s ok to feel pleasure from eating or drinking it. In fact, if you start eating foods that you genuinely enjoy, you will notice that you will eat less overall because you’re not left obsessing over the food you really wanted. And again, remember that there’s no guilt in eating foods you love, as long as you are truly in the mood for it and you are not using it as a substitute for emotional comfort. Food can make you feel good in the short term and long term. Read More

How to develop a healthier relationship with food. 

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How to develop a healthier relationship with food. 

Whether you want to accept it or not your relationship with food is permanent and long term. Having a healthy relationship with food can benefit your health and your life in ways you never knew it could. Investing in building strong foundations for this relationship to grow is your way of simply showing to yourself that you love you. Read More

How to live a little more by exploring your creativity in the kitchen!

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How to live a little more by exploring your creativity in the kitchen!

Test your creativity in the kitchen and you will be amazed by the wonders your hands can make. So, tap into your kitchen and get in touch with the artistic side of yourself.

Alternatively, you may connect with your inner mathematician and start measuring carefully ingredients and their fusion in order to craft something spectacular in taste. Read More

The truth about aspartame

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Many people feel bad about having to quit their bad habits altogether. Sodas and refreshments definitely make it to the top, when it comes to dietary vices. And it sounds really bad that they get deprived of such enjoyment in food. Especially when there are alternatives, even if it’s just another “diet trend” or another “healthy” choice! Aspartame is the main ingredient in most diet cokes and this artificial sweetener could as well be called “Devil in Disguise”. But why? Read More

How can I identify a milk intolerance_

How can I identify a milk intolerance?

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Several people suffer from intolerances, when it comes to milk and dairy. However, such issues should not be confused and misinterpreted as one. For example, being lactose intolerant is a lot different from having intolerance in milk protein. The latter has become a trend over the past few years, since great attention has been brought to the symptoms experienced by such issues. Read More

Lettuce: What is its nutritional value?

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In the world of vegetables, there are those that attract all attention and others that are left there, a little underestimated. If we had to categorize lettuce and specifically iceberg lettuce, it would certainly qualify for the latter. Many people find themselves in a difficult position, almost a dilemma, between choosing to eat lettuce because they like it and avoiding it, due to its lack of nutrients. Read More