A little bit about Anna

Meet Anna Cortesi; Certified Dietitian, Clinical Nutritionist and owner of Cortesi Nutrition – a world-class wellness company which aims to improve the vitality of its clients. As an internationally recognized expert, Anna has experience in the various roles of orthomolecular nutrition and she appears regularly as a nutritional expert on local and national news. Anna has been featured in national and local media, including Time Out, Healthy Life, Vegan Cooking, Nutrition by Hopelessly Romantic, Sportive and many more.

Food and health are her passion and her education and background clearly show.

After receiving a B.A. in Home Economics, Food Design & Technology; Ms. Cortesi went on to gain a B.Sc. in Dietetics & Nutrition. Later on an M.Sc.in Clinical Nutrition swiftly followed her two food and nutrition degrees, which led to her becoming the world-known personal nutrition coach she is today.

Anna suffered from obesity as a child and struggled with eating disorders throughout her teenage years. “Raised by a military dad and a beautician mom, body image was always important in my family. My sister and I had to look pretty in our girly clothes, so my extra body fat was unacceptable. I remember feeling worthless and a total disappointment to my parents”.

Despite entering adolescence at a healthy weight, she still felt chubbier than other girls. Childhood demons followed her every step – turning food into an enemy. “I would hide my lunch, suppress my cravings and eat an apple, or cucumber a day. Nobody knew my secret. Not even my parents and friends. I felt so weak, fragile and malnourished that I would faint in between classes”. During her last three years of high school, Anna fell into a destructive pattern of starvation, compulsive overeating, unhealthy food binging and bulimia nervosa.

Her passion ignited when she started helping individuals fight their own food battles. With no support from friends, family or teachers, she spent months learning about nutrition – which inspired her to gain her three relevant degrees. Her research and education helped her turn years of disastrous dieting into her vocation: guiding people towards a healthier, amazing life.

“After years of unhealthy habits, distorted body images, weight loss struggles and self-disrespect, I am relieved to have finally found my life’s purpose. Helping other people love their bodies, and rewarding themselves with great food – without having to be deprived. Whether you’re recovering from an ailment or you just want to lose some weight, you always need to listen to your body. It knows best”.

Orthomolecular is rooted from the Greek words “ortho morio”– meaning “correct molecule”. “This type of nutrition feeds the body with the correct, healthy (and delicious) foods, to restore, heal and nourish. This way you can prevent and treat diseases, while providing the body with the perfect amount of nutrients. It’s like telling your body: “I love you”. “

Anna is currently working with international clients – families, business people and celebrities – helping them improve their daily eating habits and the way they see food. Through orthomolecular nutrition, Anna changes lives for the better.

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