Your Diet, My Specialty

Anna Cortesi
Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist

Personal Consultations

Anna has counselled thousands of clients in her private nutrition coaching practice located in Limassol Cyprus, as well as travelling around the globe to meet client’s personalised needs.

Group Corporate Consulting

Since poor nutrition of employees can affect their immune system and concentration, Anna is offering group Business/Corporate Nutrition Consulting.

Exclusive Seminars

As an inspiring presenter, Anna is available for food and nutrition presentations, half day or full day workshops or hosting/moderating any event.

Wellness Packages

Special nutrition packages vary from individual to individual depending on their specific dietary needs and lifestyle.

Beat the Myths Surrounding Nutrition


A systematic poor diet can cause multiple health problems such as fatigue, depression and malnutrition thus making you more vulnerable to diseases. Find the ultimate solution and get the best results with a balanced diet.

Ideal Body Weight

No diet plan is the same as another. Anna can help you customize your nutritional plan taking into account the foods you like, your eating habits, allergies and individual physical elements, developing the ideal program for Slimming, Weight Gaining and the Correction of your Metabolism.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Whether you’re trying to become a mommy, whether you are pregnant or have just given birth, your diet plays a very important role in your health and the health of your baby as well. Get some of the best nutritional programs for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and smooth integration to Babyfood.

Clinical Conditions

Nutritionally overcome clinical conditions such as: Diabetes, Hyperlipidemias (cholesterol and triglycerides), Elevated Levels of Uric Acid, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Iron Deficiency and Megaloblastic Anemia, Liver diseases, Renal impairment, Gastrointestinal Diseases and Hormonal Disorders.

Eating Disorders

The best nutritional approach to any of the following problematic eating disorders: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia – Bulimic Overeating, Triassic Syndrome of Sportswomen, Extreme Orthorexia.

Sports Nutrition

You do not have to be the greatest champion to take extra care of your diet while exercising, but even if you are, Anna’s programs promise to achieve all your goals: Nutrition during training sessions, Nutrition for muscle gain / bodybuilding, Nutrition for athletes.

Silver Intro Package

Web Intro Package

Family Package

Family Wellness Package

Anna Cortesi Silver Business Package

Silver Business Package

Anna Cortesi Gold Business Package

Gold Business Package

Premium Package

Premium Package

Healthy Mama Package

Healthy Mama Package

Bridal Special Package

Special Bridal Package

NutriFit Package

NutriFit Package

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Keeping up with Anna is difficult - she seems to balance so many things food & health - related you’d swear there were at least two of her. She’s all about choosing only the healthiest natural produce to consume, and educating her clients to do likewise.

Al Davidian, Writer & Editor

Only when you meet Anna in person you can see her love and passion for nutrition. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and unique temperament combined with respect for human health just give the best results. She is the rising star in the field of nutrition..

Elena Zahariadou, Owner of BioSpiti - Healthy Food Store

Ms Cortesi has been assisting me in the aftercare of my body shaping patients in the most efficient manner. The success of her weight control method is indeed measurable!

Dr med Fabian Blaschke, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

She is the most appropriate person when it comes to nutritional recovery from several diseases. I highly recommend Anna Cortesi to any health professional who would like to consider working with her in the future.

Dr. Lia Pettemeridou, General Practitioner

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